Fox LA Reporter Bill Melugin reported that the Los Angeles Police Department arrested 31-year old Gregory Wong in downtown Los Angeles this morning while “dressed as/impersonating the National Guard.”

Melugin reports that Wong was “armed to the teeth” and was booked on assault weapons charges. The LAPD says federal charges may come next.

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“Sources confirm this photo.”

On a Twitter thread, the Fox LA reporter updated his information with a photo of Wong being arrested:

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UPDATE: We’ve obtained a photo of accused National Guard impersonator Gregory Wong being arrested by LAPD. Source says National Guard soldiers noticed his rifle isn’t what they are issued & they reported him. Wong allegedly claimed to be joining buddy in a Guard unit.

It is also being reported that Wong’s rifle was a “ghost gun” aka a homemade weapon without a serial number.

Questions remain after Wong’s arrest this morning.

Breitbart News reports:

“Authorities said that the suspect was dressed in National Guard apparel and had multiple weapons on him at the time of the arrest,” FOX 11 notes. “Officials say Wong is from Nothern California but was living in the Los Angeles area.”

Wong was charged with the manufacturing and distribution of assault weapons and is being held on a $50,000 bond. LAPD said Wong could also face federal charges.

No further details regarding the arrest are currently known.

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