A Los Angeles proposal to force hotels to accommodate the homeless has hotel owners in the city up in arms

Los Angeles, California does not have its priorities in order. The city of angels lets criminals back out on the streets every single day and refuses to enforce laws that may “disenfranchise” those disturbing the peace. However, they also consistently try to (and sometimes succeed in doing so) pass new laws and mandates which harm law-abiding citizens and especially business owners.

The Dunes Inn Motel in Los Angeles, California. Motels and hotels such as this one would be required to accept government vouchers for homeless people if the proposal passes.

In a new proposal, LA voters will get to decide whether to force hotels to accommodate the city’s growing homeless population. If the proposal were to pass, hotel owners would have to report room vacancies by 2 pm each day to have the room filled with homeless people who have been granted vouchers by the city.

Hotel owners have two main concerns with this proposal, and both are very common sense. First, they are concerned that many guests do not normally check in by 2pm in LA, making the proposal impractical for that reason alone. Second, they are concerned for the safety of the paying guests and the employees, as they have no way of knowing how depraved or dangerous the voucher recipients may be.

The president of the Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association, Ray Patel made the following statement regarding the homeless problem in the city.

“I think this is something that the government should have resolved long time ago. It’s been politicized, and you’ll hear this from all the homeless advocate groups, too, looking for housing for the unhoused, as they seem to be taking on as a topic when politicians are running for office – but there’s no solution provided.”

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Los Angeles’s homeless population stood at over 66,000 in 2020, a 12% increase from 2019. As it continues to grow, and it certainly will with the high property and income taxes in California, coupled with the recession, day-to-day temporary housing in hotels which are unwilling–with good reason–to house them becomes quite clearly impractical.

Beyond that, to take away the discretion of a business is only a few steps away from the state seizing said business. No wonder so many people are fleeing California for red states!

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