If a bedroom in your house needs a new mattress, the good people at MyPillow have something special for you for Labor Day:

Their high-quality foam and encased coil quilted mattresses are now on sale with a 50% discount plus an extra $100 off when you use promo code FEDUP (100 Percent Fed Up benefits when you use that code):

People are raving about Mike’s mattresses:

— “We bought our 4 kids new mattresses and they love them! Super soft and comfortable.”

— “I ordered the foam mattress in queen. It arrived on time, easy to unpack, and better than expected. I ordered a mattress cover as well and will be ordering sheets next. Thanks Mike and Team!”

— “The MyPillow mattress is different! It gives perfect support and is very comfortable. As with all of the MyPillow products, I feel like I have purchased a high-quality (made in the USA) product that will give me many years of good use.”

With the FEDUP promo code, you’ll get:

— An extra $100 off in addition to the 50% off discount, whether you choose the foam mattress or the 2-sided encased coil quilted mattress

— A 10-Year Warranty

— A 6-Month Money Back Guarantee

— A high-quality mattress Made In The USA!

It’s a great way to get the rest you need — and support the patriots who made them!

The MyPillow foam mattress has:

Layer 1 – Quilted MyPillow QDS® Fabric Cover

— This special comfort finish is soft and cooling. It is also quick drying and stain resistant.

Layer 2 – Plush Gel Foam Layer

— The softest layer in the mattress, this gel foam helps provide excellent pressure relief and comfort.

Layer 3 – Extra Soft Comfort Foam Transition Layer

— This layer is made up of plush, extra-soft high density foam.

Layer 4 – Plush Transitional Comfort Foam

— Second layer with firmer transitional foam to increase the overall performance of the mattress.

Layer 5 – Supportive Base Foam Layer

— The same foam used in all MyPillow® products creates the perfect supportive base that reinforces and stabilizes the mattress.

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And don’t forget Mike’s amazing 2-sided encased coil quilted mattress.

Mike says:

“Get the best sleep ever with my MyPillow 2-Sided Encased Coil Quilted Mattress! It took me over a year to develop because I wanted to put the best features and technology into my mattress to give you the most comfortable sleep ever! The MyPillow 2-Sided Encased Coil Quilted Mattress is delivered by FedEx right to your door and is easy to set up! Just unroll it and watch it come to life.”

Here’s what people are saying about Mike’s 2-sided encased coil quilted mattress:

— “It arrived within a week and we put everything together (we bought a coil mattress, a mattress foundation for the bed in another room, a mattress topper, and a mattress pad). The foundation went together easily and looks great. The design supports the mattress well. And we put the mattress topper on the older mattress now in a guest room. We were surprised that a coil mattress could be rolled into a bundle and shipped but it was and it opened up into a great mattress for our room. We put the mattress pad on that bed. One of our concerns was that while I like to sleep on my stomach and my husband on his side, that the mattress might not be firm enough for me, but it is great. I love it. And I’ve already had an opportunity to recommend it to friends who will be shopping soon for a mattress. And I also appreciate that it was made here in the USA. Great value and great products.”

— “This is the best. I haven’t had an uncomfortable night’s rest since purchase. Perfect fit for me.”

Use promo code FEDUP to get 50% off plus an extra $100 off!

The MyPillow 2-sided encased coil quilted mattress has:

Layer 1 – Quilted MyPillow Fabric Cover

– This special comfort finish is soft, cooling, stain resistant, and moisture-wicking to give you the perfect sleep surface.

Layer 2 – MyPillow Plush Support Foam Layer

– MyPillow patented foam in a solid layer, provides optimal support and comfort.

Layer 3 – High-Density Firm Foam Support Layer

– A layer of high-density foam is attached to each individual coil and holds the springs in place preventing shifting through the mattress.

Layer 4 – Encased Coil

– Provides you with the support you need as an individual. Reinforced edges reduce the “roll-off” feeling you might experience with other mattresses.

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When you get to checkout, look for this box:

Enter FEDUP and click “apply.”

Plus, click here to see all the items currently on sale on the FEDUP discounts page!

Thank you for your support!

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