As described by The Western Journal, Charise Taylor, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, was recently forced to pull a gun on a man who tried to enter her vehicle in traffic on Interstate 10 in New Orleans while she and her 2-year-old child sat inside.

It’s a good thing she was armed and had the training that she did, but she is not too happy that she was forced to resort to such measures.  As she told WDSU, she never thought she’d have to do this. “So, as he comes up, he’s close, and he’s pretty aggressive trying to get the car door open makes eye contact with me he’s still trying to get it open a couple of times,”  Taylor said as she picked up her gun.  She didn’t fire but was ready.  She said the man eventually ran off.   Taylor noted that what bothered her is the fact that police classified the crime incident as a mere “disturbance.”  Per Taylor, “You shouldn’t have to navigate your own city like a war zone. It’s un-American”.  “The crime is out of control, and it’s terrifying. At this point, having to use the same tactics in an American city that you use in Iraq and Afghanistan simply to navigate through the city it’s scary, and I’m not the only mom feeling this way.”

No, she is not the only mom or woman feeling this way.   Women everywhere are waking up to the fact that they need to be ready to defend themselves and their families now, maybe more than ever.

But Taylor is a veteran.  Some might say she is an unusual case and wonder if many “non-military” women are capable of properly and safely handling a firearm.  If you are one of those “doubters’,  check out the stories of three more amazing & courageous women, detailed in an article by Dr. Rich Swier, found here.  After you read the individual stories presented by Swier, you will understand why he believes “Women who carry a concealed handgun are more aware of their surroundings, self-confident, empowered and have the means to defend themselves in life-threatening situations.”

There will still, as always, be nay-sayers (usually those will be liberal). They flout articles that say guns only kill women.  Trace stated, “The evidence is clear: Women simply aren’t defending themselves with guns at a significant rate.”   Well, yes, we would agree.  More women need to learn the skill.  Women who gain proper Concealed Pistol License (CPL) training,  frequently practice, and remain aware of safety precautions will be much better prepared and, therefore, much safer.  points out that “if that family safety is job number one, the all-important question becomes how, when and where might a life-threatening attack occur? The obvious answer: anywhere. You could be with friends, at school, shopping, eating at a restaurant, driving… but where is your gun? At home? In your car? If a strange man is dragging your sweet little angel out of the store, will you have time to run home or to your car to get your gun? Things happen fast, and you need your gun RIGHT NOW.”

I spoke with a married couple, Don (a veteran) and Jacqui Shaw, who own The Den, in Houghton Lake, MI.  They are NRA & USCCA certified instructors in Basic Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, and Personal Protection in the Home.  They feel the classes they offer are important to their community.   Together, they train citizens, including many women, in self-protection. They think it important to remind our readers that in many places, there is a serious first responders shortage.  “As a general rule, it doesn’t work out well for you to ask an intruder who intends to do you and/or your family harm to ‘please hold while I connect with the authorities.’  We are in a bit of a scary time of desperation, drug abuse, and entitlement mentality. Meaning ‘if you want it take it’ whether that is a car or a human life. But, with proper training and practice, anyone of either gender can confidently protect themself and their family safely. “
The best first step for any woman who would like to become more familiar with guns is to do the research. Look for reliable, well-reviewed classes in your area.  There are also some interesting websites out there that address this specific topic.  One such site I found was called The Well Armed Woman.  Peace can, perhaps, be found with a “piece’, if safely and smartly planned and practiced.    Remember, the 2nd Amendment alone cannot keep you safe.  It does, however, provide you with a means for defense.  The rest is up to you.



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