There was clearly a stark contrast between Beyonce’s divisive, half-time Super Bowl 2016 performance, and Lady Gaga’s patriotic, heartfelt rendition of our National Anthem.

Lady Gaga gave us a glimpse into what made her heartfelt performance of ”The Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl 2016 so special.

Many people are not fans of Lady Gaga’s over-the-top performances or insane costumes, but you may be surprised to know that deep down, she is a patriot who loves her country. There is no denying that her rendition of our our National Anthem at Super Bowl 2016, was one of the most passionate and patriotic versions we’ve seen in a long time.

gaga pointing at flag

It’s really what Lady Gaga said just days after her performance however, that was even more inspiring:

“I just thought about the lyrics and what they really mean,” said Gaga. They’ve been around a long time, so I thought about what they mean now, I just sang from my heart.”

“No matter what you go through, the same as our country, that metaphor of ‘but the flag was still there’ is so powerful for me every time,” said Gaga. “I’m really singing it from the heart and I’m also singing it very true to the way it was written because that’s when I think it sounds its most majestic. There’s no greater honor than standing next to the Color Guard, the Flag, the Army and the Military and singing the National Anthem.”

Watch Lady Gaga’s passionate, patriotic rendition of our National Anthem:

Watch Beyonce’s tribute to violent, racist Black Panthers group:

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