Lady Gaga performed in the most expensive Super Bowl Halftime show ever and steered clear of blatant political statements. Several news outlets reported she was going to go political:

The Houston Leader reported:

As Houston prepares for the spotlight of Super Bowl LI the nations Conservative movement is preparing a boycott over the appearance of pop star turned political activist Lady Gaga. According to an unnamed source, in no way affiliated with the singer, Ms. Gaga will be using the worlds largest stage to discuss “a sickness inside us,” referring to the polarizing rhetoric that has brought Donald Trump to power, and to speak out regarding “overwhelming support for the Muslim community.

The source, who refers Lady Gaga’s music as “the cure” has asked followers to tweet #takethecure to end racism and bigotry.

…BUT it didn’t turn out that way:

Gaga opened up with a series of patriotic songs and then performed several of her previous hit songs…She ended the show with a mic drop and the dramatic catch of a football while dropping from the stage…

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