Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, won re-election in a double-digit landslide. DeSantis swept Florida, even leading in Democrat strong-hold Miami-Dade county.
DeSantis was declared the winner with a lead of 58% to Charlie Crist’s 41.3%

The Governor of the Free State of Florida Took The Stage to celebrate his win with his supporters.

According to Gateway Pundit a ‘CBS Mornings’ host said he took a full day trip speaking with people up and down the coast of Florida in precincts that Joe Biden supposedly ‘won’ in 2020 and said he was unable to find one Charlie Crist supporter.

Also in Florida, Anna Paulina Luna is projected to win election to the U.S. House in Florida – flipping the state’s 13th Congressional District from blue to red.


Marco Rubio is also the projected winner for the US Senate Florida seat with a double-digit lead at 56% over Demings at 43%.


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