Antifa thugs, who were armed with pepper spray and batons, made a big mistake when they attacked a group of Proud Boys on the way out of a Freedom Rally in Seattle, WA. on Saturday.

The Proud Boys have a Facebook page where they chronicle their activities, including the defense of free speech against the violent, leftist, anti-free-speech Antifa group.

Gavin McInnis is the founder of the Proud Boys, a “men only” club that’s fighting back against a politically correct movement to neuter the male species while defending the Western civilization.

On Saturday, Antifa thugs attacked a group of Proud Boys who discovered their tires were slashed as they were leaving a Freedom rally at the University of Washington in Seattle on Saturday.

The video shows how the Proud Boys were outnumbered when Antifa thugs attacked them with pepper spray and violently split open the head of a Proud Boy with a baton. What these anti-American masked cowards didn’t count on, was one very large Samoan man who was in no mood to be sprayed in the face with pepper spray or to allow his head to be split open with a baton.

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Watch (video made :

The 21-year-old Samoan-American and member of the “Proud Boys”, who goes by the nickname “Tiny” used to be an anti-Trump American until he realized that he was on the wrong side.

Watch the video that went viral several months ago, after “Tiny” gave an emotional speech about why he’s defending his Constitutional rights, including free-speech, and about why his now a President Trump supporter.


The entire confrontation between Antifa and Freedom Rally attendees can be seen here:

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