The Democrats spent a fortune to court the Hispanic vote in 2020. The result? They failed spectacularly.

MSN – Among the stories emerging from the 2020 election in Texas was that none other than Donald J. Trump had improved his performance with Hispanic voters, most notably in overwhelmingly Hispanic and Democratic border counties.

The Texas GOP took note of this phenomenon in a post-election statement Wednesday:

From the Rio Grande Valley to the Panhandle, Texans turned out in record numbers — nearly 6 million — to support President Trump and Republicans across the state. National Democrats poured tens of millions in from out of state and could not move the needle an inch.

Today, as the absent border czar finally made her way to Texas to assess the crisis on our border, she was met with a large group of mostly Hispanic, Trump-supporting Americans who shouted at her entourage as they drove by. “Viva Trump!” they screamed and demanded answers on the incredible number of victims of their cruel political game designed to bring new Democrat voters into America from foreign countries, “How many more?” they shouted.

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Another video shows Kamala’s entourage being greeted by angry residents:


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