Comedian Larry David, who sounds just like Bernie Sanders, wants everyone to stay home to protect older Californians from COVID19. This is a lighthearted delivery of a serious message.

Listen to Larry…

“You’re hurting old people like me. Well, not me… I’ll never see you.”

You’re passing up a one time opportunity to sit at home and watch TV…LOL!

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Larry David does a fantastic imitation of Bernie Sanders on SNL:

In a rare moment on Saturday Night Live, the Democrats were the target in a skit mocking their candidates for president.

Usually, it’s the Republicans who are the target, but how could the writers at SNL pass up mocking the Dem candidates like Joe Biden?

The actors roasting the candidates included Wood Harrelson as Joe Biden, Larry David as Bernie Sanders, and Fred Armisen as Michael Bloomberg. Maya Rudolph and Rachel Dratch played Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, respectively.

Woody Harrelson played a forgetful Joe Biden in a very good imitation, but Larry David, as Bernie Sanders, was probably the closest imitation of a candidate. It’s almost like Larry and Bernie were separated at birth.

The line of the night was when Larry David as Bernie talked about his recent heart attack:

“Doctors were surprised I made it. And I’m very proud of the fact that I was the first heart attack patient to show up to the emergency room in a city bus.”


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