Director of National Economic Council Larry Kudlow comments on future tax cuts for the middle class and today’s jobs report.

Kudlow also discussed the disaster of 2020 Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-all plan:

“This idea of Medicare for all and the so-called green new deal and other proposals I’ve heard. I don’t want to get into politics on policy grounds, this would have a devastating catastrophic effect, would probably take out as much as 15% to 20% of our entire GDP. These numbers run upwards of $100 trillion.”

“Let’s be very clear. It is the middle class who would have to pay the extra $100 billion or more to finance this kind of socialist government takeover of health care. “

“It would have a catastrophic effect on the economy and all these numbers that we’re seeing, all these numbers, on incomes for household, on wage increases, on jobs, all these numbers would literally evaporate and by the by, so would the stock market.  “

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Kudlow supports Trump’s relocation to Florida saying he doesn’t blame Trump one bit for moving there.


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