We’d like to know your thoughts and theories on both the motive and whether you think Paddock acted alone or not. There are so many theories out there and those closest to he investigation believe Stephen Paddock had help:

Statements made by authorities investigating Sunday’s horrific shooting are increasingly indicating they don’t believe he was a “lone wolf” actor. Both Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo and representatives from the FBI gave indications they are looking for other possible suspects.

A representative from the FBI said they are looking all over the world for leads: “We like to deal with facts”…”There are a number of working theories out there”…”We want to be accurate”…

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Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo also said Stephen Paddock didn’t act alone: The sheriff makes the point that the shooter had two residences and this huge stockpile of guns. How could someone else not be involved? The sheriff questions whether Marilou Danley is not telling all she knows.


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Complete press conference:


NOTE: The sheriff is completely honest in his thinking and is at some points thinking out loud about the possibilities.

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