COLBERT – LANGUAGE WARNING! This late night host is one angry dude! He does everything he can to try and rip on President Trump but it comes off as cold and just mean spirited.

The disgusting rant at the end of his monologue has backfired on him….his homophobic slur was in poor taste and very offensive to just about everyone within earshot. You can even tell the audience was shocked when he said it. If this was said about anyone else, Colbert would be in hot water but this is against Trump so it’s ok. Isn’t that pitiful…How low can Colbert go? Not much lower…

Stephen Colbert unleashed a torrent of anti-Trump jokes on his show Monday night, ending with a c*ck-in-Trump’s-mouth jab. The 12-minute tirade was dedicated to the 100-day mark in Trump’s presidency, and Colbert went after Trump with a vengeance. The jokes included, “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.”

Go to the 11:13 mark for the rant – language warning:


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