Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer made a ridiculous statement during an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. This one statement tells you all you need to know about bitter loser Chuck Schumer.

When Schumer was asked about President Trump’s progress on legislation, Schumer said he’s made little progress because he pushed a “hard-right” agenda and refused to work with Democrats.

This next statement has got to be the most ridiculous yet:

“On the issues so far – taxes and health care — he doesn’t consult us at all. He puts together a plan that is very hard-right, special interest and wealth oriented and says the way to be bipartisan is to just support his plan. That’s not the way America works. On so many of the major issues, they’ve gone at it alone.”

President Trump tweeted earlier today that Democrats had become the “party of obstruction” and Schumer was leading them to “doom”…

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Have you ever heard anything more hypocritical in your life? The Democrats rammed just about everything they could down our throats. They are NOT going to EVER work with Republicans because they are no longer even close to coming to the middle. The radicals have hijacked the party…Where has Schumer been?

Oh yeah, he’s been dining at top New York restaurants rubbing elbows with the very people he tries to demonize as those “bad” wealthy people. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth but who is surprised by that?

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