Dr. Evelyn Farkas went on MSNBC and spilled the beans on the fact that the government was unlawfully spying on Trump…Her words were her own and told us all we need to know about the despicable actions of the Obama administration In the video below, she’s backtracking and saying the media spun her words. She also blames the Russians too! Unreal! We think Evelyn needs to own it and lawyer up ASAP!

Evelyn Farkas: “..dark campaign of fake news you know that’s still ongoing. We see um even someone like myself get swept up in all of this…you know when people like me are speaking on behalf of process, people spin it to uh suit their needs and I think maybe the Russians may be behind such fake news today.”

There’s a total distortion about what I said…I was outside of government. I had no access to intelligence on this whatsoever, but I was concerned because I knew how the Russians operate and I was reading these reports about them hacking into the elections then giving the information to Wikipedia.”

Yes, she said “Wikipedia”…Think she was nervous?

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