The Democrat Party is in a tailspin after President Trump continues to make America great for blacks in America. Trump’s announcement of the posthumous pardon of the world-famous boxer, Jack Johnson, and the commutation of 63-year-old, a first-time offender, Alice Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for a non-violent crime should have made black community leaders stand up and cheer. Instead, after 18 long months of pushing the false narrative that Donald Trump is a “racist”, they are struggling to explain how black unemployment is at the lowest rate in the history of the United States, and how wages are on an upward trajectory.

Last night, race baiter, and phony Reverend, Jesse Jackson appeared on the Laura Ingraham Show. If you can get past the mumbling from Jackson, who always sounds like he was interrupted while eating a bowl full of marbles, and actually understand what he’s trying to say, it only confirms that no matter what President Trump does for the black community in America, they will never stop pushing the false narrative that Trump is a “racist”.

Fox News – On The Ingraham Angle, Ingraham asked whether Jackson credits Trump with record low black unemployment.

After offering example after example of ways that President Trump has helped the black community, Ingraham asked, “Is there any good news under this administration?”

“He inherited a growing economy,” Jackson said, instead crediting Barack Obama with salvaging the economic collapse at the end of the Bush years.

“It’s [also] premature to determine what is going to happen with these provocative actions toward Canada,” Jackson added, referring to proposed tariffs on goods from the North.

Near the end of the video, after Ingraham has embarrassed Jackson with fact after fact about how Trump has helped the black community, while Barack Obama ignored them, she finally reminds Jackson that they used to be “pals”.


When Jesse Jackson tried to make President Trump’s decision to cancel the 2018 Super-Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, about race, Ingraham shot back, calling the game the Eagles played “low-rent”.

On every point, Ingraham proved Jesse Jackson wrong, yet, the disgraced race-baiter refused to give up, proving that he really has no interest in helping the black community, Jackson is just about shaking down businesses and corporations through his Rainbow Push organization, and without a great case for “racism”, Jesse loses his excessive, ill-gotten income.





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