Laura Ingraham is dialed in on the Republican’s inability to get a good budget bill. She held up the Washington Post to show how Pelosi and Schumer are celebrating the victory of the budget. The Democrats got pretty much everything they wanted at the expense of the American people.

“We do not have a Republican Party on Capitol Hill that can get its act together.” – Laura Ingraham

Let’s face it…the Republicans didn’t fight for us and Ingraham knows it. She mentions key parts of the spending bill in her rant on Fox & Friends. We’re happy she mentioned the ***Refugee Resettlement Program because that’s one part of the bill that we’re very disappointed in. The Refugee Resettlement Program is so bloated and needs to be overhauled or defunded altogether. We’re sick about it:

The bill would include a total of $3 billion towards migration and refugee assistance, which is roughly the same that was spent in Fiscal Year 2016. It would also include $50 million towards the emergency refugee and migration assistance fund, which is also the same amount spent in the previous fiscal year. Via: Daily Caller

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***For more information: Refugee Resettlement 

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