Rep. Lauren Boebert is resourceful. Since Kamala Harris has yet to visit the southern border,  Ms. Boebert has decided to bring a cardboard version of the VP down to Texas.

Rep. Boebert tweeted out:

“I went to the southern border to see what’s up, but I didn’t go alone.”

Boebert (R-Co) created the video of herself walking along a border barrier in McAllen, Tx, carrying a cardboard cutout of Harris as a stand-in for the actual human version of the VP. Republicans and some Democrats have been calling on the vice president to visit the US-Mexico border to see firsthand the devastating realities of the crisis at our border, which has exploded with illegal crossers since Joe Biden threw them wide open.

Earlier today, we reported that the vice president handed out cookies in effigy of herself. Perhaps she’d consider sending a few dozen them to the border to make up for an in-person visit. 

“Narcissistic” Kamala Harris Slammed for Her “Let Them Eat Cake” Moment as the Border Crisis Rages [VIDEO]

Harris’s first trip as Biden’s border czar was a two-day stint to Guatemala and Mexico, as she attempts to stem the flow from where illegal migrants often originate.


During her trip to Guatemala, Harris had this to say when asked why she still has not made an effort to tour our southern border, “I came here to be here on the ground to speak with the leader of this nation around what we can do in a way that is significant, is tangible, and has real results, and I will continue to be focused on that kind of work as opposed to grand gestures.”

In an interview she did with Lester Holt, the vice president ducked and dodged his questions regarding her absence at the border:

We covered the story this morning:

BREAKING VIDEO: “I Haven’t Been To Europe Either”…Kamala Gets Snarky With Lester Holt Who Asks About A Border Visit

You would think that a person tasked with overseeing the southern border would find the time actually to see the crisis for themselves. Perhaps in a sane world…….

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