The lawless judge across America are making it up as they go! Unreal!

Miami-Dade County — faced with threats by President Donald Trump to potentially cut off federal funding — violated the U.S. Constitution when it agreed to jail people slated for deportation, a judge ruled on Friday.

The judge’s decision was a rebuke of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s much-criticized decision to allow county jails to hold undocumented immigrants awaiting deportation by federal agents, a measure that has sparked protests and anger by many immigration advocates in South Florida.

Circuit Judge Milton Hirsch found that the policy violated the Tenth Amendment, which limits the reach of the federal government over states.

“Of course we must protect our country from the problems associated with unregulated immigration,” he wrote. “We must protect our country from a great many things; but from nothing so much as from the loss of our historic rights and liberties.”

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He also wrote: “States cannot cede their reserved powers to the federal government — no, not even if they wish to do so.”

The immediate practical effect of the decision is likely minimal — James Lacroix, who appealed because he was kept in jail after his sentence was up, has already been moved to federal custody, and other judges are not bound by Hirsch’s ruling. The judge also did not explicitly order Miami-Dade jailers to stop honoring requests by the federal government to hold people otherwise eligible for release if they are marked for deportation, or suspected of violating immigration laws.

But the ruling sets up a legal battle in front of a Miami-Dade’s state appeals court, one bound to be watched nationwide as Trump continues to make deportation and immigration control a centerpiece of his early administration.

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