New York City’s Mayor Adams’s only concern amidst a massive crime wave in the city is making sure that abortion is completely unrestricted

New York City’s radical left Democrat Mayor Eric Leroy Adams has been doing an excellent job of pumping up crime in his city. Unfortunately, that seems to be about all that he is good at.

Perhaps because of New York City’s evident inability to enforce laws, Mayor Adams wants no limitations or restrictions on abortion–it’s not like the city could enforce the restrictions anyway, right?

New York City’s Mayor Adams

A reporter is heard asking the NYC mayor, “Mayor Adams, do you believe there should be any restrictions on abortions?”

“Uh, no I do not,” he responds.

“[Up to] day or birth, totally fine?” she continues.

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“Um, no I do not think-I think women should have a right to choose their bodies. Men should not have that right to choose how a woman should treat their body.”

But what about trans men, Mayor Adams? After all, the woke Democrat creed dictates that men can get pregnant too, now. There’s even a Calvin Klein ad about it!

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Very insensitive from such a progressive mayor!

Of course, Adams’s argument is that abortion should be unrestricted at any point because ‘men should not have any say in the matter’ comes from the repeated Democrat and radical left lie that abortion isn’t about preventing murder–again, something Adams doesn’t care about anyway–but about “controlling women.”

This narcissistic view completely dismisses the lives of abortion’s tens of millions of victims and boils the argument down into the sexist idea that men only want to control women, and no woman is truly against abortion.

Of course, to a sane person everything in the previous sentence reads as false. But to the warped minds of the radical leftists like Mayor Adams, there is no distinguishing fantasy from reality (again, refer to the Calvin Klein ad.)

Meanwhile, as the Mayor spouts his disgusting delusions, violent crime across every borough of NYC is skyrocketing and nothing is being done about it.

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