How much media will this horrible story get? Will this rapper face any consequences for his actions? 

Three Minneapolis women were forced from their shared home after rapper Chief Keef ordered his Twitter followers to attack the house using eggs, feces and rocks, in retaliation for a reported video game slight. But the rapper got the wrong house.

According to local Fox affiliate KMSP, the Chicago-born rapper ordered his 1.1 million Twitter followers last week to “throw eggs and sh-t in a bag and rocks and all that at this address,” listing the address of a home in a Minneapolis suburb.

According to one of the young women living at the house, the rapper — real name Keith Cozart — was upset after someone trash-talked him while playing a video game. The only problem: none of the home’s residents were involved in the altercation with the rapper in any way.

Though Keef later deleted the tweet, so many of the rapper’s fans responded and showed up at the house that Minneapolis police were reportedly forced to park a patrol car both in front of and behind the home.

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“It’s really not safe to be in the neighborhood anymore,” college student Ashley, one of the women who had been living at the house, told KMSP. “There’s a lot of suspicious activity going on and it’s not in our best interest to put ourselves in harm’s way.”

One of Ashley’s neighbors was reportedly robbed at gunpoint in his yard.

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“It’s heavier than just their little tweets someone types with their hands,” the unidentified neighbor told the outlet. “You got all these knuckleheads running around looking for their five seconds of fame.”

In a GoFundMe campaign set up to help her relocate, Ashley wrote that she and her roommates had been living in their cars since fleeing the house. Via: Breitbart News

The rapper apparently alluded to the incident in a follow-up Twitter post:


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