Lawmakers are eyeballing new ways to increase taxes and are contemplating an Electric Vehicle tax in the wake of losing revenue on gas taxes.

Politicians are constantly looking for ways to fleece Americans out of their hard-earned tax dollars. Rather than finding creative ways to spend less money than they bring in, they find creative ways to implement more taxes. Everyday Americans have to deal with tighter budgets under Biden’s economy, and are looking for ways to cut spending. Sadly politicians refuse to be constrained by their budgets and quit spending.

Many states are looking for ways to generate taxes on electric vehicles which could have a terrible impact on all car owners. While lawmakers are eyeballing EV charging stations, they are also considering steeper electricity taxes from utilities, taxes for delivery services, and ways to charge all drivers by the mile.

One Twitter user called the increased taxes a “war on individual mobility” saying the chocking expenses and gas bans are being put in place as a mechanism of control to force Americans to move into cities and use public transit.


A proposal gaining traction amongst our deep-state controlled legislators would be to charge drivers by the mile instead of the gallon.” This would significantly harm individuals who need to travel for work or to visit family, as well as wreaking havoc on the middle and lower class.

The idea is currently being tested in a handful of states but according to the Western Journal, the Federal government is also eyeballing a plan to institute a nationwide pilot program.

San Jose State University’s Mineta Transportation Institute director Asha Weinstein Agrawal said, “there is growing support for mileage-based fees, special rates for low-income drivers, and rates tied to how much pollution a vehicle generates.”

In the wake of draconian Covid lockdowns, it is no surprise that the US government is attempting to assert more control over citizens by claiming we are in a climate emergency while withholding facts and data. And like the Covid and vaccine narratives, the debate has become emotional rather than factual.

There is no way to transmit electricity without waste (primarily) in the form of heat. Anywhere from 8-15% or more of the electricity generated by power stations is lost before it gets to you—a carbon footprint problem we’re supposed to ignore.

The infrastructure to charge electric vehicles is also inadequate. Rolling brownouts and blackouts are predicted everywhere. There is no plan that puts enough wind or solar energy into operation to address the growing demand without EVs. There isn’t enough land for the equipment needed to create that much electricity unless the plan is to need less.

With rates skyrocketing, charging will become unaffordable to all but the most well-off, and we’ve postulated repeatedly that this was always the goal. A point they admit, including after the release of the original Green New Deal, whose author (we can’t ever let you forget this) said, “Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Chakrabarti continued. “Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

The goal is control.

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