A House Oversight Committee hearing turned testy debate on Tuesday when Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz of Florida and Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky got into a heated exchange over personal finances.

From Fox News:

“The Chairman mentioned something,” Moskowitz said during the hearing, referring to Comer who serves as chair of the committee. “He said the Biden administration can’t have it both ways. And I agree which is why I’m happy to yield you some of my time today.”

Moskowitz said he would yield time to Comer to explain why he has drawn attention to loans as part of an alleged corruption scheme within the Biden family while Comer has also allegedly lent a family member money, according to a recent report, which Comer has denied.

“I would love it,” Comer said, accepting the offer to have time yielded to him.

“You retweeted that story, completely false, I’ve never loaned my brother one penny,” Comer said, explaining that his dentist father owned farmland and Comer’s brother wanted to keep it in the family so Comer bought it from him.


Comer said another accusation in the reporting, that he owned a shell company, is “bulls****” and that only “dumb and financially illiterate people” believed the report.

“I went to the bank and I borrowed money I bought that land,” Comer said. “I didn’t get wires from Romania, China, my family doesn’t get wires…but you and Goldman who is ‘Mr. Trust Fund’ try to discredit.”

Moskowitz then interrupted and asked for his time back.

“No, I’m not going to give you your time back, Comer said. ”We can stop the clock, you all continue to, you look like a smurf here just going around and all this stuff.”

The two then began talking over each other with Moskowitz asking for his time back and Comer accusing him of spreading “misinformation.”

“You’ve have gone on TV and said something the president did is illegal, you’re doing stuff with your brother,” Moskowitz shouted as Comer continued to speak.

“You’re welcome to investigate anything you want to do,” Comer said, while Moskowitz asked if there are different rules for Kentucky Republican and Biden.

“We’re supposed to take your word for it, but when the president says something, he’s not telling the truth,” Moskowitz said.

Comer then told Moskowitz that he’s “already been proven a liar” to which Moskowitz replied, “By you? Your word means nothing.”

“This seems to have gotten under your skin,” Moskowitz said when Comer told him to go to his hometown if he wants proof that Comer’s finances are in order.

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