China and India are consistently some of the worlds top polluters, with their CO2 emissions only continuing to increase.  Currently, China is ranked first among the worlds polluters, emitting almost double the amount of carbon that the US does, with India being in third place.  Despite this, both countries are set to receive billions of dollars in climate aid.  The Daily Mail Reports

“China and India are set to receive a £1.5 billion climate aid windfall despite scuppering a COP26 deal on reducing reliance on coal power.

Richer countries agreed to double funding for developing nations to prepare for global warming at the Glasgow conference earlier this month.

Despite having two of the fastest growing economies in the world, the UN designates China and India as ‘developing states’

Analysis shows that the two countries received a total of about £700 million from developed countries in 2019, the latest figures available, as well as millions more from investment foundations and private donors.”

They will receive the aid despite the fact that they played a key role in “watering down” a COP26 pledge that promised to “phase out” the use of coal, instead participant nations only agreed to “phase down” its use.

China’s carbon emissions have grown at their fastest rate in nearly a decade, according to Carbon Brief.  In the first quarter of 2021, they were set to increase carbon emissions by nearly 15%.  US emissions have decreased by 15% between 2005-2019 while China’s emissions have increased by over 80 percent, according to the US Department of State.

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