Recently, activists have taken to tearing down statues in cities across America and the U.K. The problem is many of these vandals don’t know their history. Numerous statues in America that have been torn down are statues honoring people who fought for equal rights for blacks. These folks can’t let facts get in the way of the optics of a falling statue, no matter if it’s of a freedom fighter for civil rights.

America doesn’t have a corner on ignorance when it comes to historical figures like say, Winston Churchill. The statue of Churchill has been encased in a steel box (see below), so the vandals won’t deface it or tear it down.

Watch the video below as the liberal leader of an ‘independent police advisory group’ in London was asked about removing the Churchill Statue.

The interviewer asks about removing the statue of Winston Churchill.

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Community activist: “I haven’t personally met him.”

Yeah, it looks like you haven’t personally met a history book either.

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This is why the statue stands:

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