Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is killing Chicago with her hate and ignorance. The truth is she doesn’t know how to lead the city.

Proof of that is leaked audio below of a call between Chicago Aldermen Raymond Lopez and Mayor Lightfoot. CBS Chicago reports that Lightfoot was taking questions from 50 different aldermen on the call. Lopez asks what he should do about the rampant crime and looting that may head into the neighborhoods.

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She ignores his question, and he demands that she answer it.

Lightfoot tells the alderman that he’s “full of sh*t”…

He loses it and curses at her out of frustration and anger.

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It gets ugly.

She has no answers for this alderman because she has no clue how to govern.

Her potty mouth was also on display recently when she told President Trump “F U” in a classless moment during a press conference. Hopefully, she’s one and done.

I’m sorry, Chicago. You’re screwed. This is your Mayor.

SOUND ON: Must-listen leaked audio (language warning)

Alderman Raymond Lopez represents the 15th Ward of Chicago, which includes West Englewood, Brighton Park, Back of the Yards, and Gage Park.

The Illinois Lt Gov is black.

The Illinois Atty Gen is black.

The Cook County State’s Atty is black.

The Mayor of Chicago is black.

The Chicago PD Superintendent is black.

The CPD Dep. Super. for Constitutional Policing is black.

Let’s talk some more about systemic racism.

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