Like the upper management at Twitter, employees who work for Twitter are driven by a leftist ideology. The radical leftist ideology that permeates the culture at Twitter has turned it into a one-sided social media platform that monitors the thoughts of and words of users and punishes them if they dare to veer to the right of center.

Less than one month before the 2020 election, conversations between senior management at Twitter revealed a twisted and sick mentality that drives those behind the social media platform:

“GET HIM OUT,” posted a senior site reliability engineer on Aug. 18. “What a f–king baboon.”

One manager with almost nine years on the job said he was quite keen to watch Biden “crush [Trump] in the election” and that he hoped the president would “be utterly humiliated while also suffering greatly from #COVID19.” In another post he fantasized about the president being put on a ventilator.

He calls Trump “a f–king idiot” and the voters who elected him — “hysterically f–king stupid people.”

At the same time the employee has been a consistent cheerleader of his company’s efforts to rein in the president on the platform and curb the spread of “misinformation.”

“I’m really proud of how quickly we’ve worked to make this possible for the US elections,” he wrote.

Others publicly wish the president harm.

One Twitter engineering manager said Trump should “die in a fire” in a January 2017 tweet. A year later, he rang in the new year by saying “Happy 2018! Donald Trump is dead!”

Now, leaked internal messages from a company Slack channel between Twitter employees reveal employees fondly reminiscing about the takedown of President Trump’s Twitter account, as they discuss the possibility of permanently banning the Libs of Tik Tok account that is popular with conservatives.

In the leaked messages (seen below) Twitter employees discuss how removing the Libs of TikTok account might confirm their biases: “But if we deplatform this account we might erode trust in our platform from users who already think we’re irredeemably biased against conservatives.”

In another discussion, a Twitter employee brags about how the far-left Twitter was able to “successfully” remove the account of former President Trump. The Twitter employee suggests that banning “Libs of TikTok” shouldn’t cause a mass exodus from their platform because conservatives still use Twitter even though they banned President Trump.

The Libs of TikTok account has 1.2 million followers. The objective of the Libs of TikTok account is to expose the idiocy, hatred, and intolerance of liberals and of the liberal ideology.

Here’s an example of their most recent posts. The Libs of TikTok tweet includes a video that shows an NJ bakery that thought it would be a good idea to host a “family-friendly” drag queen show, so young kids could  watch adults shove money into the stuffed bra of a male performer flailing about around the tables packed with families.


The Libs of TikTok account owner regularly receives threats including death threats on Twitter by intolerant leftists. According to the owner of the account, Twitter has not removed any of the accounts reported for sending the threats.

Here are just a few of them:

Much of the content that goes viral on the Libs of TikTok account includes videos of liberals sharing their thoughts on cultural issues. When users share the content as a way to expose the idiocy and cultural rot associated with the far-left, Twitter employees likely consider it a direct hit on them and their warped values, which is likely why they are considering using their unchecked power to remove the account with over one million followers from their platform.



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