James Proctor has been identified as the ringleader in the  radical group “Indivisible,” who can be heard directing the fake protesters on how to disrupt GOP town halls. In the audio, he can be heard giving the (likely paid) actors a few last minute tips before heading out: “Dress conservatively, behave conservatively, right? Look and dress like students, dress like housewife wear a suit and tie Any signifier that you’re a liberal…leave it.” 

james proctor
James Proctor

The recordings have been authenticated by KPEL News. James Proctor, who can be heard speaking in the recording, says he does live in the Acadiana area. Proctor says some of his comments were taken out of context as the published recording is only a portion of the hour and a half long meeting. He works with the group Indivisible Guide. The groups name can be heard on the recording of the meeting.

“Indivisible,” the George Soros spinoff outfit which is, along with Barack Obama’s Organizing For America, collaborating to salt the town halls of Republican members of Congress with activists and agitators seeking to disrupt those town halls and make those members look bad on TV. This outfit scored a “win” of sorts on Bill Cassidy at his gathering in Metairie yesterday, packing the room with people who berated the senator with boos, uncivil questions and unhinged hectoring.

Here’s what Hillary had to say about Americans who were sickened by the organized protesters showing up at town hall meetings:

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Watch the shameful local news media giving these organized freaks media coverage, as though they were legitimate citizens who were just randomly attending Bill Cassidy’s town hall meeting. During the town hall meeting, organized protesters screamed at the pastor who was opening the meeting with a prayer to, “pray on your own time!” They also interrupted the pledge of allegiance. This reporter not only ignored both of those disgusting acts, she also goes to great lengths to discredit any idea that these people were organized. She even went as far as to attempt to make the viewers believe that some of these like minded people could have found out about this town hall meeting on a Facebook page:

We, and other conservative media organizations in the state, received audio from someone – let’s call him a concerned citizen – who sat in on an Indivisible meeting in Lafayette earlier this week wherein plans were being made to do the same thing to Cassidy tomorrow morning in Breaux Bridge. Moon Griffon spliced a number of the audio cuts together into one clip of highlights from that meeting, and it’s worth a listen… –The Hayride

We promise, this is NOT your grandma’s Tea Party. Here’s the leaked audio:

What’s not included in the Moon Griffon audio is this fun clip of the Indivisible people proposing to coordinate with Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office, which begs the question whether that proposal was made and/or responded to. Edwards, one might imagine, has enough trouble with Cassidy without being responsible for sending agitators into Cassidy’s town halls:


Here’s the reaction of the Pastor and Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy after organized protesters trashed his town hall meeting: 


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