Democrat Kevin de Leon of California is wrapping up his remarks in the beginning of the video below and then the Netroots logo appears. You have to skip to the :55 point of the video to see the takeover of the stage at the Netroots conference from so-called “progressive” Americans. We’ve been reporting on the conference and the focus has been on socialism. Many of the speakers brought up the “s” word and openly vowed support for socialism.
The far-left group that took over the stage is even more to the left and they’re unhappy with Netroots because they feel they’re in a “plantation” and feel excluded from the conference…IT’S PRETTY RICH TO SEE THE LEFT EAT ITS OWN!

Some of the video of the Netroots conference will have you running to the polls to vote Republican:

We’ve been reporting on the Netroots Nation gathering of progressives within the Democrat Party…but this guy takes the cake! Listen as he pushes the party even more to the left with his proclamation that Democrats must “embrace the label” of socialism and higher taxes. Notice how he says everybody “kinda does” want their taxes to go up…LOL! THIS is your new Democrat Party…Yikes! Cynthia Nixon is a candidate for governor of New York. She’s in the video below saying the Democrats should embrace socialism.

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Note that Cynthia Nixon is all over this too!


NETROOTS NATION is delivering some hot spots where lefty pot stirrers are calling AGAIN for discord. This is desperation on the part of the DNC because they know they’re losing. The convention hosting “progressive” activists and union members is being held in new Orleans this year. Look for videos like the ones below that stir up the hate and division even though things are pretty awesome right now in America.

NAACP’s D.C. Director on U.S. Senators not opposing Trump: “Jack em’ up,” make them “uncomfortable as you can”

Speaking on a Netroots Nation panel in New Orleans, director of the Washington, D.C. bureau of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Hilary Shelton urges activists to make Republican senators who don’t oppose President Donald Trump’s judicial nominations feel as “uncomfortable as you can.”


Drama King Cory Booker says, “Things are savagely wrong in this country”…Huh? DID HE JUST SAY, “SAVAGELY WRONG”?

What the heck! His effort to stir up discord is so pitiful. The rhetoric is pretty thick with this guy…

There’s talk that Booker is interested in running for president so he’s been everywhere spewing drama-filled Chicken Little commentary that the sky will be falling if Trump wins again. what he doesn’t want you to know is that black unemployment is at an all-time low. The economy is roaring…but, but, but things are “savagely wrong”.

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