The media has become unhinged again at the sight of President Trump drinking water. They’re even saying his technique proves he’s suffering from dementia. Nope, they can’t focus on what a great speech he delivered about our national security. They only want to point out that he drank his water with two hands….Oh Lordy!

The Cut reports:

 President Trump delivered a speech in which he outlined a new “America First” national security strategy — a daunting task which clearly left him parched, because a few minutes in, the president paused to lift a small glass to his mouth with both hands, and sip from it like a tiny, woodland creature lapping from a stream:

Despite having mocked Senator Marco Rubio for the water break he took during his 2013 response to the State of the Union, this is not the first time Trump has become overwhelmed by thirst during a speech. In November, while discussing the U.S. trade deficit, he paused to take an extremely natural swig of Fiji water:


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