Yesterday, Antifa (anarchists and free-speech terrorists) and other various violent anti-Trump groups (many paid by Soros funded organizations) made their way to Berkeley, CA to shut down another pro-Trump rally. The last time these two group clashed, the Trump supporters were seriously outnumbered. This time was a different story. Trump supporters came prepared for the unprovoked attacks of these hate groups and took them to task. With all the violence that happened yesterday, leftist media outlets seemed to be obsessed with reporting on the video that was taken of an alleged Trump supporter who punched an antifa female who was part of the violent group “Oak Roots Collective” that traveled to Berkeley to confront Trump supporters and shut down their right to free speech.

Here’s the video. At the 18 second mark you can see the woman cock her arm back as though she is about to swing her arm at someone. When she brings her arm forward, that is where she gets hit. We are NOT condoning the hitting of a woman by a man, but if she had a bottle in her hand and was about to hit someone that changes everything:

CBS San Fransisco Bay Area news interviewed anarchist Louise Rosealma, who along with her boyfriend is a member of the Oak Roots Collective. Here’s a sample of the violence they promote on their Facebook page. This is how these people (that should be labeled as domestic terrorists) see themselves. These anarchists live in a world where it’s okay to act with violence against law enforcement and innocent people who don’t agree with their political views:

Reseal explained to the CBS reporter (in a very sweet voice) how she was just happened to be with her boyfriend, and how he lost her and the next thing she know she was surrounded. Next, she explains that completely unprovoked, from the corner of her eye, she just saw a fist coming at her. She claimed she got punched in the nose and that it was cut, but that was last night, and (of course) it’s already healed. According to the antifa member, she was also punched several times and then after she was down, she was “kneed” several times in the forehead (which is also completely unbruised and miraculously healed). She also claims the Trump supporters were “trying to crush her skull on the curbs and on the planters.” She says she didn’t exchange any words with anyone, that she was just being attacked. According to Rosealma, she was also pepper sprayed several times in the face but somehow managed to find her boyfriend who was “soaked in blood”. It never occurred to either one of them to press charges though? Most people would find that slightly odd for someone who was just there for the fun of it. Wow! I wonder if her boyfriend looks as good as she does today?

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After her long and totally embellished story to this CBS SF Bay reporter, we thought we’d share this picture of the innocent anarchist that just surfaced. The picture appears to be taken just before she got punched, and by the looks of this picture it appears she was about to hit this man with a large glass bottle (circled in photo below) which would account for his response.

antifa girl

There was violence on both sides yesterday, but in defense of the Trump supporters, this violence has been perpetuated against them (even paid for by George Soros groups and Democrat activist groups) since the days of Trump’s campaign rallies. Many have warned that Trump supporters are not going to put up with the unprovoked violence forever and when they fought back, many warned the basement dwellers on the Democrat side wouldn’t fare to well. That’s exactly what happened yesterday in Berkeley, CA.

Here’s citizen journalist Tim Pool talking to the Antifa female who was hit. When he asks her if she thinks it’s okay that Antifa rioters threw M-80’s at people on the Trump side, her response was, “Well, the revolution isn’t f*cking easy!” (This video was taken after she was hit) Apparently she was correct about one thing…

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