After the announcement that Starbucks would close all stores to hold diversity training over two guys who were tossed for loitering, Starbucks has taken a hit in the stock market after a big announcement about their stores. Is the lefty coffee giant going down? Has the silent majority had enough of the touchy-feely pc crowd? From the looks of it, people are turning away from the politicization of their favorite java joint.

On a recent trip to NYC, we noticed several small coffee shop start-ups popping up in the liberal mecca of SoHo. Small mom and pop type specialty coffee shops were seen all over so we decided to peek into the big Starbucks in the heart of SoHo. The store looked like a halfway house with grungy folks sitting on the floor and a group of men huddled around a table…none of them drinking Starbucks. It was packed with loiterers but not with coffee patrons. It looked like the squatters took Starbucks up on the offer to just squat…

moonbattery reports:

Starbucks put the pandering to political correctness into overdrive, subjecting employees to social justice brainwashing and allowing lowlifes to hang out and use the bathrooms without making purchases. This should enhance the company’s bottom line. Let’s see how theory holds up against reality:

The coffee giant’s stock took a tumble Wednesday after CEO Kevin Johnson announced that Starbucks would close 150 company-owned stores next year instead of the expected 50, with an emphasis on underperforming shops in densely populated urban areas, and lowered growth projections.

Johnson acknowledged that the decision to shut down 8,000 U.S. stores on May 29 for anti-bias training, driven by the high-profile arrests of two black men in Philadelphia, played a role in the company’s sluggish second-quarter performance.

Also playing a role in the profitability of Starbucks is the need to hire extra employees to clean up the mess bums make in the restrooms. You can see why they are closing stores at urban locations.

Starbucks shares fell Wednesday by 10 percent, hitting their lowest point in 52 weeks, while Morgan Stanley downgraded the company’s investment rating…

Looks like moonbattery is not a sound investment. If you have stock in Starbucks, dump it while you can.

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