While many on the left continue to accuse President Trump and his administration of colluding with the Russians, one well-known progressive thinker said such actions hurt their cause. Author Max Blumenthal said he’s skeptical of the Russia narrative, remarking that “Rachel Maddow’s dots may never connect.”


Blumenthal called Trump the “apotheosis of a failed political establishment,” saying the Russia story is simply a cover for establishment Republicans and progressive Democrats to be able to avoid “do[ing] anything progressive.”

He accused both parties of “scandal-mongering” and criticized the left for abandoning their anti-war ideology just to attack the president. He and Tucker Carlson discussed how some Democrats have advocated supporting insurgent elements in Syria for the sake of irritating Vladimir Putin. Blumenthal, the son of former Clinton adviser Sid Blumenthal, warned such behavior on-the-whole will have “long-term consequences for the left in this country.”

Max Blumenthal is a known progressive who’s calling out his own party for the constant Russia-Trump bashing. He confronts Rep. Jamie Raskin on the Russia scandal:

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Max Blumenthal Grilled a Maryland Democrat on Lies About Russia Scam In Epic Interview: “I think we should tell the people the truth” [Video]

This is hysterical! Blumenthal is awesome even though he’s a leftist…A rarity! Note at the end of the video that he calls out Raskin for saying “Trump is a Russian hoax”…

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Earlier in July he proposed a panel to oust President TrumpPointing to the outcry over President Donald Trump’s latest controversial tweets, freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin is urging his colleagues to get behind a bill that could potentially oust the President if he was mentally or physically unfit.

The Maryland Democrat wants to create an 11-member commission made up of mostly physicians and psychiatrists — more formally called the “Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.” The panel would carry out a medical examination and determine whether the President was physically or mentally able to do the job.
Two of the commission’s members would also be former high ranking officials, such as presidents, vice presidents, attorneys general or secretaries of state.
It’s a provocative and long-shot effort, but Raskin is citing as his legal backup the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, which was adopted in 1967 after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to establish procedure in the case a president is incapacitated. About two dozen Democrats have signed on to the effort as of Thursday.
Raskin is zeroing in on one section of that constitutional amendment, which allows the vice president to assume powers if either the majority of the Cabinet or “such other body as Congress” finds that the President is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of office.” (The vice president would also have to agree to the assessment of the President’s abilities.) Raskin is proposing his commission to serve as that “body.”

Raskin is a freshman in Congress…Let’s hope the people of Maryland kick him out after one term. It’s obvious he’s a liar and doesn’t respect the office of POTUS. 

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