Is this the beginning of the #MeTooHot movement? Leftist actress and drama queen Amy Schumer just won the prize for the dumbest thing ever said by a not-so-hot woman. Nope, she wouldn’t want to be any hotter because in America it’s a living hell being “too hot”. Huh? Only a liberal lunatic would say something so off the charts wrong!

Schumer said she wouldn’t want to be an “ounce more attractive” during a podcast of  Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert”:

She went on to speak about a constant worry of women that they’ll be sexually violated:
“Women are mostly scared of violence because, you know, one in six women reports being sexually assaulted but really it’s one in three women, so we’re not even like, ‘is this going to happen?’ We’re like, ‘when?’ Women, we run home at night….we live in constant fear of violence.”
We run home at night??? Where does she live? Iran? North Korea?
The ironic thing is she’s anti-gun…Wouldn’t you think if it’s that dangerous for women, she would advocate for arming yourself? Nope, she wants women to be unarmed…Only a liberal would think this way.
THIS is the fearmongering that is literally laughed at by pretty much everyone. This woman is a total drama queen and it does come with the territory…She is the niece of Senator “Cryin” Chuck Schumer!


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