Who knew you could be a parent and still find the time to get out and riot with your spouse? 

Have you ever wanted to attend a mass protest, serve on a feminist panel, or lecture an unsuspecting group of tourists about the gender spectrum only to discover that you can’t get a babysitter on short notice?

Well, fear not—at least, fear not if you’re a resident of the greater Washington, DC, area. “Woke babysitting” a new “activism-oriented babysitting community” is here to step in to care for your progressive tots while you practice social justice out in the community.

“Have you ever been prevented from attending a rally, protest, or emergency call to action by the lack of a babysitter?,” the site reads. “Woke Babysitting wants to help.”

The site is the hub for a Google Group, where progressive parents of tots can sign up to become a sort-of child-sharing service, watching each others kids when “lawyers, legal observers, and activists may be called upon for urgent action,” and don’t have time to line up a neighborhood sitter.

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Ostensibly, while you’re out rocking your pussy hat on the Washington Mall or filing emergency stays with the Supreme Court, your “woke babysitter” will line up age-appropriate social justice-oriented activities so that your child is raised with all the proper compassion and wokeness required of today’s offspring.

blm sign

When you get back from the bar (or wherever else you happen have your post-protest karmic transfer Reiki meeting), your children will be waiting with Black Lives Matter signs, subversive art projects, or having heard politically correct bedtime stories.

Via: HeatStreet

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