Comedians Jason Selvig and Davram Steifler, known as, “Good Liars”, thought it would be really funny to stalk Fox News host Brian Kilmeade in New York City. They followed him on the street and then on the subway. They asked people to taunt Kilmeade while they were riding on the subway in a move that could have been a dangerous one. People on the subway were asked what Kilmeade should ask President Trump…The answers were what you would expect…vulgar.

They stop Kilmeade and take a photo with him like they are fans but then it turns into something totally different. The response has been a backlash against the two comedians. Selvig has locked down his Twitter account (see below) but we were able to screenshoot comments from Twitter users (see below).

Selvig’s video was available on Twitter but he locked it down this morning. We were able to screenshoot some comments from both sides of the aisle. People are NOT happy with what these guys did!

Selvig locked down his Twitter account to only those he has confirmed as followers:

People on both sides of the aisle ripped into the two comedians so hard.

They obviously couldn’t handle the tweets to them. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it!


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