Change Research is attempting to hide the results of a recent survey. The liberal San Francisco-based polling group is staying quiet after their survey revealed Americans largely oppose gender ideology.

Betsy App, the lead pollster, called the public’s desire to protect children from making life-altering decisions “bad news” and called for re-educating the public. App told the group,
“I want to give us all a reality check. We are facing an uphill battle when it comes to voters’ fundamental beliefs about the relationship between sex and gender.”
The polling group is refusing to publish its results since the outcomes do not show support for radical gender ideology.

According to Daily Mail, the news outlet was invited to the pollster’s webinar and then uninvited. They decided to attend anyway and found out that Change Research revealed that most Americans dismissed giving hormone therapy and other related trans drugs to children.

Instead of delving into the concerns parents have, App believes that a different marketing strategy is what is necessary. App called for “rebranding puberty blockers” in order to convince people to allow their children to be medical and emotional guinea pigs.

Change research has the goal of reshaping how Americans feel about gender ideology and trans drugs and surgeries for kids.

Daily Mail opted to release the results believing its what was best for the public. The results showed Americans believe sex is assigned at birth. They also show the public believes men and women cannot randomly change their sex. The polls also revealed voters do not believe in giving children puberty blockers or surgeries that alter a youth’s body, like removing breasts.

Author Oli London, an outspoken opponent of gender ideology, tweeted that “16 States have now banned medical mutilations on children. These states no longer allow doctors to prescribe hormones, puberty blockers and perform gender reassignment surgeries on kids: •Arkansas •Florida •Georgia •Idaho •Indiana •Iowa •Kentucky •Mississippi •Missouri •Montana •North Dakota •Oklahoma •South Dakota •Tennessee •Utah •West Virginia.”

When asked about treatment for kids, most poll respondents shared that they believe kids who question their identity would benefit from counseling. In addition, four out of five shared that kids needed to talk about their confusion rather than go under the knife or rely on potentially harmful drugs.

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