There’s a lot of truly disgusting, immature, thuggish folks on the left, especially, it seems, among the young crowd, a truth recently put on full display at Trump Hotel in New York City.

A group of anti-Trump protesters who call themselves “INDECLINE” staged a protest at the hotel by trashing a room and releasing live rats as part of an “art installation” inside one of the rooms.

The Daily Wire has more details:

A group of full time “protest artists” called “INDECLINE” set up an art installation inside a Trump International Hotel room in New York City over the weekend, trapping a faux President Trump in a cage full of McDonalds wrappers, and releasing live rodents to symbolize the President “eating his own.”

According to the Daily Mail, which obtained pictures of the installation, “The People’s Prison,” featured a Trump impersonator in a MAGA hat, sitting in a cage, surrounded by graying walls, covered in paintings of “American revolutionaries” like Edward Snowden, Noam Chomsky, and Assata Shakur.

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They added the live rats because “President Trump is the ultimate rat and thus, deserves to be imprisoned with his own breed,” the guerilla artists told the Mail.

The artists also, of course, released a video of their efforts: an eye-rolling compilation of generic progressive images, narrated by someone who frequently quotes Hunter S. Thompson, because the artists of INDECLINE apparently all have four-year liberal arts degrees and very little expose to a rich world of subversive literature unavailable on Amazon.

“America could’ve been a fantastic monument to all the best instincts of the human race,” the narrator says, over a video of the INDECLINE activists luring city rats with McDonalds food, without apparent regard for communicable disease. “Instead we just moved in here and destroyed the place from coast to coast like killer snails. Everybody wants power over a country that’s had it’s day.”

Hotel staff were, apparently, aware of their actions, and while not giving them their blessing, assisted the artists in moving materials and handling cleanup — so it wasn’t exactly the work of “killer snails.” There’s so far no word on whether the apparently all-white crew of INDECLINE (they, of course, posed for a group photo), were generous in tipping the hotel’s hard-working housekeeping team, forced to clean up after a box of rats (and worse, guerilla artists).

The question those of us who are sane should be asking is what, exactly, did holding this little protest/art exhibit actually do to further their cause?

Did the display convince anyone of their positions? Are those who saw the “exhibit” rushing to their electronic devices and researching the group’s various stances on policy to see if what they say is true?

Highly unlikely.

No, instead of winning people over to their cause by presenting a well thought out argument with evidence to back it up, they created a scene that only served to make them appear mentally ill and incompetent.

What they don’t realize is junk like this is precisely what middle America is sick and tired of and why they voted Trump into office in the first place.

Kids these days.

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