Angry leftists are freaking out after one powerful segment with a mostly unknown guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room was able to drastically change the makeup of the Republican Party across the United States.

For decades, a party whose leadership has been filled with cowardly, spineless, go-along-to-get-along leaders is watching a dramatic shift in people behind the scenes who are ultimately calling the shots.

In February, Dan Schultz, author of Taking Back Your Government: The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy, appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room show, where he outlined a brilliant strategy of how conservatives can take back control of the Republican Party. No one could have predicted the response to Dan Schultz’s interview with Steve Bannon by everyday Americans inspired to fight back after watching the outcome of the crooked 2020 election.


Only moments after his appearance, citizens across America began signing up en masse to become precinct delegates. We reached out to MI GOP Grassroots Vice Chair and co-founder of Michigan Conservative Coalition Marian Sheridan, who told us she was literally being slammed with people from across the state who’ve been contacting her to ask about what they need to do to become a precinct delegate in Michigan.

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This morning, ProPublica, an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party media, began their campaign to discredit the tidal wave of conservatives who will no longer sit back and allow spineless Republicans to hold positions of power in their states.

Isaac Arnsdorf, a co-author of the ProPublica piece, tweeted a link to his article along with his arrogant summary:

BREAKING: We found 1000s of Trump supporters taking over local GOP positions — an unprecedented grassroots groundswell devoted to Trump’s insistence that the 2020 election was stolen & Republicans need to stop that from happening again

Instead of discussing why everyday Americans are still frustrated over an election they know in their gut was stolen, the authors of the ProPublica article choose instead to attack “far-right nationalist,” Steve Bannon, and the Americans who are standing up and bravely pledging to protect the sanctity of our elections.

In their article, ProPublica never mentions that Steve Bannon was an officer in the US Navy for 7 years or served as a warfare officer on a Pacific fleet. Furthermore, they never mention that his experiences as a Naval officer during the Carter administration helped shape his conservative political beliefs that would ultimately cause him to forever turn his back against the dirty Democratic Party. Mentioning Bannon’s service to our nation would only harm their attempt to discredit him and any of the guests who appear on his extremely popular War Room podcast.

From the ProPublica article*:

One of the loudest voices urging Donald Trump’s supporters to push for overturning the presidential election results was Steve Bannon. “We’re on the point of attack,” Bannon, a former Trump adviser and far-right nationalist, pledged on his popular podcast on Jan. 5. “All hell will break loose tomorrow.” The next morning, as thousands <an estimated on million> massed on the National Mall for a rally that turned into an attack <The rally never “turned into an attack, as many of the Trump supporters returned to their vehicles or their hotels because of he frigid temperatures> on the Capitol, Bannon fired up his listeners: “It’s them against us. Who can impose their will on the other side?”

When the insurrection failed, <There was NEVER an insurrection> Bannon continued his campaign for his former boss by other means. On his “War Room” podcast, which has tens of millions of downloads, Bannon said President Trump lost because the Republican Party sold him out. “This is your call to action,” Bannon said in February, a few weeks after Trump had pardoned him of federal fraud charges.

The solution, Bannon announced, was to seize control of the GOP from the bottom up. Listeners should flood into the lowest rung of the party structure: the precincts. “It’s going to be a fight, but this is a fight that must be won, we don’t have an option,” Bannon said on his show in May. “We’re going to take this back village by village … precinct by precinct.”

Precinct officers are the worker bees of political parties, typically responsible for routine tasks like making phone calls or knocking on doors. But collectively, they can influence how elections are run. In some states, they have a say in choosing poll workers, and in others they help pick members of boards that oversee elections.

After Bannon’s endorsement, the “precinct strategy” rocketed across far-right media. Viral posts promoting the plan racked up millions of views on pro-Trump websites, talk radio, fringe social networks and message boards, and programs aligned with the QAnon conspiracy theory. <Most conservatives have no idea what “QAnon” means. This is a fake boogie man created by the Left and propped up by their mouthpieces in the media, like ProPublica.>

Suddenly, people who had never before showed interest in party politics started calling the local GOP headquarters or crowding into county conventions, eager to enlist as precinct officers. They showed up in states Trump won and in states he lost, in deep-red rural areas, in swing-voting suburbs and in populous cities.

* Comments by the author of this article are included in the <>.

A hit piece by the Democrat Party media wouldn’t be complete without offering a bit of red meat for their readers.

Last month, our dear friend and patriot extraordinaire, Pressley Stutts of South Carolina, was hospitalized with COVID. Unfortunately, Pressley eventually succumbed to his battle with the CCP virus and died after suffering complications with double pneumonia. Pressley was a 30-year US Navy chaplain who bravely served his nation on several overseas tours. He spent the last months of his life being targeted at airports across America after his name was placed on the TSA’s list. Pressley became a target of our government after he volunteered to talk to the FBI in South Carolina about what he saw while standing on the steps of the Capitol on January 6th.

On March 9, 2021, Pressley shared his stunning story in an interview with Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up and Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit. The interview went viral.

Retired 30-Yr Navy Chaplain Volunteered To Speak With FBI About Protest At Capitol On Jan 6th…What Happened Next Is Terrifying [VIDEO]

The blockades were removed by Capitol Police when Pressley freely walked up and stood on the steps of the Capitol.

Pressley bravely fought back against a dangerous, tyrannical Democrat Party and ironically died battling a man-made disease Democrats used as a tool to win the 2020 election. Pressley Stutts also fought for the rights of Americans to choose whether or not they would receive the CCP virus jab.

ProPublica shamelessly took a jab at Pressley for his efforts to protect the rights of his fellow Americans from tyranny, as they plugged his death in their article:

Stutts’ group quickly pushed for an investigation of the 2020 presidential election, planning a rally featuring Davis and Wood at the end of August, and began campaigning against vaccine and school mask mandates. “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery,” Stutts had previously posted on Facebook, quoting Thomas Jefferson. Stutts continued posting messages skeptical of vaccine and mask mandates even after he entered the hospital with a severe case of COVID-19. He died on Aug. 19.

In swing states like Michigan, the Republican Party has seen a significant uptick in Republican precinct delegates who feel betrayed by Republicans they helped to win elections, like Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth, House Oversight Committee Chair Steve Johnson, Senate Majority leader Mike Shirkey, and the cowardly Senate Oversight Chair Ed McBroom, who all refuse to call for a forensic audit in their state. Precinct delegates are prepared to find replacements for every one of these cowards and will choose conservative candidates like Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State, who is committed to cleaning up Michigan’s dirty elections.

MI Republican candidate for SOS Kristina Karamo during her visit to the Maricopa County election audit.

Inspired by their anger and frustration over an election nobody believed Biden would win, patriots are stepping up in big numbers to ensure spineless Republicans like Senator Liz Cheney (R-WY), and US Rep Fred Upton (R-MI) are primaried and replaced with reliable conservatives in their states.

Americans woke up the day after the election and were stunned to see an early morning dump of Biden votes had given a candidate who campaigned from his basement and struggled to string two coherent sentences together had taken the lead over Donald J. Trump, arguably the most popular president in American history. But, thanks to patriots like Steve Bannon and his guest Dan Schultz, they now have the power to make real change in upcoming elections.

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