Andrea Mitchell is ‘annoyed’ with President Trump and Mike Barnicle is ‘sick of seeing him’. How do we know? They openly displayed a disgust for our president ON THE AIR TODAY! Mitchell’s beef is with the supposed poor treatment of the San Juan mayor at a meeting today on recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

We think the leftist media is officially losing it over a president who calls out liars like Mayor Cruz who tried to politicize disaster response by the feds. Can you blame Trump for skipping over her even though he officially greeted her? She lied through her teeth to make Trump and the feds look bad.

A couple other things also peeved the left. They hated the comment from Trump claiming Puerto Rico has ‘thrown our budget a little out of whack’. Chuck Schumer and other Dem leaders came out admonishing Trump. Can you blame Trump for commenting on the expense when Puerto Rico is $72 billion dollars in debt?

The second thing Trump did was to toss out paper towels to people in the crowd during the day. The left was horrified. Yes, they are using every single thing to criticize him. Here’s Andrea Mitchell below and Mike Barnicle expressing their dislike for Trump. HOW CAN THEY REMAIN EMPLOYED IF THEY ARE SO BIASED AND OPEN ABOUT THEIR BIAS???

Mike Barnicle looks like he’s going to pass out when he dramatically criticizes President Trump. Why is he still employed after his total lack of decorum? “I’m sick of seeing him”…Really? That’s what toddlers who have no filter say…

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Andrea Mitchell ‘annoyed’ with Trump:

Here’s why she’s annoyed…Trump called out the Mayor and thanked the governor:

Mitchell said it was “notable” that Cruz was the only elected official who never got the opportunity to speak at the meeting to her knowledge.

“It was very pointed that she said, ‘It’s not about politics’ when she was shaking his hand there and then when they went to sit down, he opened his remarks by thanking the governor for not playing politics from the start, but did not give her any kind of ‘thank you’ for what she’s doing for her people or give her an opportunity to speak,” she said.

“That’s a pretty deliberate slight, politically,” Mitchell added.

Here’s video of the meeting:

Trump was on target!

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