The Left News media are struggling to fill their news cycles and left speechless this evening after a passion-filled, lengthy press conference from President Donald Trump this afternoon in the Rose Garden. From strong remarks following an executive order signed on China to an update on the increased COVID testing across the US, President Trump was spot on in delivering a strong message to the American public exactly 16 weeks from the November election.

Fox News host Bret Baier spoke on the President’s decision to speak politically about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden while previous presidents have refrained from political remarks in the Rose Garden or from the White House. Baier targeted the biased, leftist media saying, “Had President Obama made this kind of speech from the Rose Garden, Republicans on Capitol Hill would have likely have been up in arms.”

In the press conference, Trump announced that he had signed into law the Hong Kong Autonomy Act and also put his signature on an executive order that ends the United States’ preferential treatment of Hong Kong, according to Fox News. Trump’s signature on the Hong Kong Accountability Act follows legislation that was passed overwhelmingly in both the Senate and the House earlier this summer. The act places strong sanctions on entities that help violate Hong Kong’s autonomy and financial institutions that do business with them, and comes as a response to the passage of a “national security” law that tightened Beijing’s grip on Hong Kong — which has been semi-autonomous from the mainland since 1997.

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“I signed legislation and an executive order to hold China accountable for its oppressive actions against the people of Hong Kong,” Trump said. “No administration has been tougher on China than this administration.”

In what conservatives are calling one of President Trump’s best speeches yet, the liberal media including CNN and MSNBC were quick to discontinue covering the President’s remarks from the Rose Garden at the White House. May we mention that both of those networks covered Sleepy Joe Biden’s full speech this afternoon.

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In commenting on the status of the COVID pandemic, Trump said the United States would have reported fewer coronavirus cases if it conducted less testing. “Think of this, if we didn’t do testing, instead of testing over 40 million people, if we did half the testing we would have half the cases,” Trump said. “If we did another, you cut that in half, we would have, yet again, half of that. But the headlines are always testing.”

Trump said that while coronavirus testing “is a good thing,” it has also served as “fodder for the fake news to report cases.” He said that if the U.S. didn’t test people for Covid-19, then you wouldn’t have “all the headlines” because the nation has one of the lowest mortality rate. “When I turn on the news I see cases, cases, cases,” Trump added.

Earlier Tuesday, President Trump shocked the liberal media SIMPLY TELLING THE TRUTH. In an interview with Catherine Herridge of CBS, Herridge asked Trump why he thinks blacks are still dying “at the hands of law enforcement in this country.” His answer:

Just 112 days from the November election, President Trump has left the democrats and leftist media speechless with an invigorating, passion-filled press conference now being called one of Trump’s best speeches yet by conservatives.

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