The Washington Post and other news sources published unbelievable obits for the dead leader of ISIS. They are unbelievable because they soft-pedaled who this terrorist was and smoothed over the horror caused by his command of ISIS.

In the curious case of the Washington Post, they first published a true description of al-Baghdadi as “Islamic State’s terrorist-in-Chief” but then changed it to “austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State”

Was there some influence from an outside source (CAIR?) that made the change to soft-pedal the description of this brutal terrorist leader? How could this be?

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You have to wonder what’s going on with the media on this. Bloomberg Politics also had a soft-pedaled article and description of Al-Baghdadi but some awesome comments on Twitter put it all into perspective:

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Mark Hemingway’s response to Bloomberg’s ridiculous description: “There’s also the beheading and slaving, but other than that it’s a real Horatio Alger story.”

And then Guy Benson chimed in with the sarcastic comment “Don’t forget the raping.”

Benson is pointing out the absurdity with all of this whitewashing of the ISIS leader.

Then it began…The list of new obits for past murderers and tyrrants that are now very similar to the Al-Baghdadi obit:

Social media was ablaze with people who asked how in the world WaPo could change the title of the obit to something to flowery and there were more changed obits for past bad guys:

And it goes on and on…The people get it!

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