Criminals are becoming so brazen in America’s Democrat-run cities that they are no longer waiting for the cover of night to commit crimes. Sadly, criminals in cities run by leftists are rarely held responsible for their crimes. Instead, the leftist’s democrat mayors and district attorneys embrace tactics, like light jail sentences, that embolden criminals rather than protect the public.
The below video shows the chaos of life in New York City, where broad daylight shootings are no longer surprising. The video has had over 5 million views on Twitter. The video brought with it a strong denouncement from Twitter users of the ludicrous policies the left is trying to sell. One responder said the gunman must not have gotten the memo that the area he fired a shot in is a “gun-free zone,” mocking NYC leadership who insist that gun control rather than upholding the law is the way forward.


Bill Maher talked about the issues in New York City, saying, “Crime is out of control.”

He noted that 327 people are responsible for a third of all shoplifting cases in New York and that young black men killing one another are responsible for the majority of shootings in Chicago. Maher asked why this was not being discussed and dealt with.

“Why aren’t there a hundred giant black celebrities who would have the respect of those people saying what are you doing to yourself? Why are you killing each other?”


According to the New York Post, there are so many job vacancies in New York City; Mayor Eric Adams is personally going out in the streets trying to recruit workers for the huge vacancies inside the city’s government jobs.

The Post reported:
NYC’s Cyber Command, which protects New York’s cybersecurity, had a 36% vacancy rate.
Nearly a third of positions were vacant in the Department of Small Business Services, while the vacancy rate was 23% in the Buildings Department, 21% in the City Planning Department, 20% in the Department of Social Services, and 17% in both the departments of Health & Mental Hygiene and Environmental Protection.

Adams admitted there are thousands of vacancies that need to be filled to run the government — and said it’s up to him and his administration to aggressively get the word out to New Yorkers that there are plenty of good jobs available.

Likely many of the NYC vacancies were caused by Adams’s unwillingness to allow people bodily autonomy. Adams lost nearly 2,000 employees by demanding they show proof they had taken the experimental covid vaccination.

Unfortunately for Adams, people do not want to live or work in expensive, deadly crime-ridden cities like NYC, where the tax rate is among the highest in the nation. Adams, like other Democrat mayors, has helped turn once-thriving American cities into miserable and scary hellholes.

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