Every time Trump makes lemons from lemonade, the crowd loves him even more. The Left needs to give it up. They’re only shining a light on the dirty tactics they’re willing to use (like their personal favorite, voter fraud) to ensure they keep the dream of socialism alive…

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump doesn’t miss a beat as the lights go out in the middle of his speech at a packed convention center in Atlanta.

The Trump supporters lined up three hours early to get inside the Georgia World Congress Center.

A far left protester cut the electricity at the Trump Rally on Sunday.

The protester reportedly reached over and pulled the wire when the technician stepped away from the control panel.

This could have been a dangerous situation but instead of being angry GOP frontrunner Donald Trump made the most of it.

“They didn’t pay the electric bill. Oh, I like that much better. Oh, those lights were brutal. Did they come from the dishonest press? Oh, don’t turn them on. Better huh? Don’t turn them on. Plus we save on electricity. Right? And because the lights didn’t work I won’t pay the rent. So we get better lighting and we don’t pay the rent, right?

The crowd goes wild…

Via: Gateway Pundit


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