On his last day as New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo did what most Democrats do when leaving office: he gave a big middle finger to law-abiding Americans, granting clemency to a murderous thug.

On Monday, the disgraced New York Governor granted clemency to Weather Underground member David Gilbert, who was convicted of murder in connection to a Brink’s car robbery.

Cuomo’s deference to the dangerous murderer is what Americans have come to expect from Democrats exiting elected office; the more heartless and brutal the crime, the more likely a pardon will be granted –  so long as it’s committed by a politically motivated leftist.

According to The Post Millennial Gilbert’s son, the far-left leaning San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin has lobbied for his release. Boudin was raised by former members of the Weather Underground when both his parents went to prison for this crime.

On Monday Boudin tweeted: “My heart is bursting. On the eve of my first child’s birth, my dad – who’s been in prison nearly my entire life – was granted clemency. He never intended harm, yet his crime devastated many families. My heart breaks for the families that can never get their loved ones back.”

Mr. Boudin appears ecstatic that his firstborn will have an opportunity to know his/her, terrorist grandpa, unlike the grandchildren of the 2-murdered police officers and one Brinks employee, who have been rotting corpses thanks to grandad, for 40-years.

In 1981, Gilbert, along with other members of the leftist Weather Underground terrorist group, were charged with the deaths of 2-police officers; Nyack Police Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly Brown, as well as Brinks security guard Peter Paige.

Gilbert was convicted of three counts of second-degree murder and four counts of first-degree robbery for his role in the killings, and according to the report, was sentenced to 75 years to life in prison with no possibility of parole until 2056.

The San Fransisco Chronicle reports that Gilbert and his two co-defendants “cast themselves as freedom fighters and deemed their trial illegitimate. At one court session, Gilbert and co-defendant Judith Clark raised their fists and shouted ‘Free the land!'”

Cuomo seeking revenge on New Yorkers for ousting him?

From The Post Millennial:

In Cuomo’s announcement, he commended Gilbert for his “significant contributions to AIDS education and prevention programs” as well as his work as “a student tutor, law library clerk, paralegal assistant, a teacher’s aide, and an aide for various additional facility programs,” and said Gilbert would be referred to the Parole Board for a potential release.

Republican Assemblymember Mike Lawler, who represents Rockland County where the robbery took place, slammed Cuomo’s action:

“Andrew Cuomo’s final act as governor is a disgusting betrayal to the people of Rockland County,” he said in a statement. “This year will mark the 40th anniversary of the Brink’s Robbery and rather than stand with the brave men and women in law enforcement, Andrew Cuomo has once again stabbed them in the back.”

The Post reports that earlier this year: Boudin dropped the charges against a suspect that brutally attacked a 75-year-old woman in San Fransisco, citing a lack of DNA evidence against the suspect despite ample witness testimony and surveillance footage of the attack.

Could it be that Boudin is soft on criminals because he was spawned by one two?

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