Twitter has placed warning labels on 23 posts and retweets from President Donald Trump this week, each calling his posts “disputed,” continuing its repeated pattern of censorship since election day.

Since November 16, Twitter has labeled 23 tweets and retweets from President Trump as “disputed,” redirecting users to “Moments” pages, some of which use tweets from Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his Vice President pick Kamala Harris as proof of the Democrats’ alleged victory.

100% FED Up!, as well as numerous political pundits, have reported extensively the social media “Masters of the Universe” increasing their censorship leading up to the 2020 Presidential election. Twitter stated last week that it put labels on 300,000 user posts from October 27 to November 11 for allegedly “violating rules related to election misinformation.” The platform also implemented a retweet feature that required users to add their own comments before retweeting a post on the platform.

The “disputed” tweets from President Trump include comments relating to voter fraud and irregularities. Some of the tweets can be seen below:

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One tweet marked as disputed simply linked to a video report from the One America News Network:

This is yet another example of the leftist Big Tech’s attempt to prematurely sway the public that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.

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