Social media lit up like crazy when Melania and Barron Trump arrived on Air Force One to move into the White House. Why did the media ignore the Obama girls, but don’t have any problem attacking or making up rumors about the 11-year old son of  President Trump and the First Lady Melania? Barron Trump arrived in DC wearing a t-shirt that said, “The Expert”. He was also carrying a fidget spinner, a very popular gadget with teenagers and young adults. Social media went berserk with a snark fest of nasty comments. It’s always a double standard with the left:

Melania and Barron arrive:

“Don’t get too comfortable” – Holly O’Reilly “Barron looks how we, the majority, feel.” – Russ Ian Mawb – This guy is a twisted jerk on social media!

“Melania and Barron Trump have moved into the White House, and everybody looks thrilled!” – smarty pants on twitter

Barron was playing with a fidget spinner when he exited Air Force One. It’s the hottest toy out there right now so it’s perfectly normal for the president’s son to have one. One guy on twitter was surprised to see Barron with the fidget spinner:

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