Last week, President Biden repeated a story that was circulating on social media about a 10-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted in Ohio getting an abortion.  The girl allegedly had to travel from Ohio to Indiana to get the abortion due to Ohio’s abortion laws.

The story was brought in to question by Ohio’s Attorney General and skeptical members of the media who could not find a case to substantiate Biden’s claim.

On Wednesday, the story was revealed to be true after a story surfaced about a girl who was sexually assaulted by a 27-year-old man in Ohio and got an abortion.

Liberal members of the media and liberal activists immediately began gloating after they were supposedly vindicated.

They failed to mention that the rapist is suspected to be an illegal immigrant who would not have been here if not for Democrats immigration policies.

Breitbart Reports

A suspected illegal alien is accused of raping a 10-year-old girl whose story was cited by President Joe Biden after she traveled from Ohio to Indiana to seek an abortion.

Gershon Fuentes, a 27-year-old suspected illegal alien, was arraigned in court on Wednesday after he was arrested and charged. He allegedly admitted to raping the 10-year-old girl on two occasions in Columbus, Ohio.

The girl traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana, to get an abortion. A saliva sample was collected from Fuentes at the time of his arrest and detectives said DNA samples from him and from the girl’s siblings are being tested to verify the felony charges.

Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor Dan Meyer told the media that Fuentes is believed to be an illegal alien living in the Columbus area. The Columbus Dispatch and the IndyStar both reported that Fuentes is suspected to be an illegal alien.

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