The #WalkAway movement is a beautiful thing that was started by Democrats who are sick and tired of the far-left radicalism happening to the party.  These former Democrats switched to the inclusive Republican Party and are led by Brandon Straka.

The scene last weekend when the #WalkAway movement went to San Francisco was surreal because the radical left went nuts on the people they claim to want to protect. The aggression was despite a crew cleaning up The UN Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco where the homeless wallow in filth. The cleanup crew was protested by Antifa while they were cleaning up and later that night. These amazing Americans led by the incredible Scott Presler filled about thirty bags of trash, needles, and human feces in the face of this intolerant leftist mob.

After the clean-up, a #WalkAway Town Hall had been planned that night but was canceled (see below). The #WalkAway leader decided to fight the cancelation by going out on the street to protest the cancelation. The video below is just one example of what happened when the #WalAway group tried to start a dialogue with leftists:

Philip Anderson commented: Leftists, Antifa, and the feminazis are all BAT SHIT CRAZY 😧! Here’s how they react to the inclusive and peaceful #walkaway movement.

Colton Weeks also commented: “She was certifiable. The entire surrounding crowd was. They refused to engage in dialogue, they were thoroughly convinced that they were right and we were wrong. Not just wrong but unworthy of being seen or heard by anyone around us. They cut us off from anyone willing to listen.”

Brandon Straka took the #WalkAway movement to the street after a scheduled Town Hall was canceled. The crazed woman in the video above was protesting the peaceful town hall that had been canceled by screaming like a maniac.

It’s ironic that even though the pro-Trump group was in San Francisco to clean up the city, they were labeled “anti-homeless.” Liberal logic…


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