The discussion in the video below is a typical MSNBC effort to bash Trump but the panel discusses the left’s hopes for a recession. Aaron Blake discusses an article that he wrote about past presidents who have been doomed by a recession. The left’s hope is that this will also sabotage the reelection of President Trump.

MSNBC’s Richard Stengel is a former Obama administration official but he gave a reality check to the leftists trying to destroy Trump’s chances for a win in 2020:

“Not to put cold water on this … The signs of recession are not exactly overwhelming. There was the inverted yield curve that everybody was talking about yesterday … Germany is down. China is down. Those things are not good, but the U.S economy is relatively buoyant, so I just don’t think we should be rooting for a recession, because that’s not good for America.”

“I also don’t think it’s really in the cards.  I’m not an economist, but there aren’t that many signs out there that a recession is on the horizon.”

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Note that Juanita Tolliver is with the Soros-backed Center for American Progress. Her job is to throw out as much propaganda as she can so it’s no surprise that she claims the economy is “bad” for some people:

“Definitely not rooting for a recession, but I think there are voters out there who are already feeling the impacts of a bad economy.”


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